Ingested marijuana vs smoked marijuana

In the article “The ingested marijuana is more harmful, with little successful title, tells the damage of an overdose of marijuana ingested.”

As indicated by the article, the effects of ingested marijuana are later to appear. Typically they begin after half an hour and can be prolonged for several hours. The most common mistake is repeated ingestions since no effect is noted, which after a while, those unwanted as dizziness, stomach pain, etc. … side effects appear also say no known deaths from large intakes of cannabis.

When eaten, unlike smoking it, all the active substance that exists is used. Smoking cigarettes is lost through the air large volume of active part (you could say that almost 50% approximately). Which makes us an idea that with very little amount of marijuana to eat, we seek therapeutic effects.

Why ingest? Because maybe we do not like smoked / present good / do not want to smoke. Because we cannot use an inhaler/vaporizer. Because cannabis-based drugs are not accessible or affordable. Because when ingested, the therapeutic effect is longer.

However, marijuana does not have to sit well not go well. Each person is different, and what is good for one is bad for the other. So in case, always carefully id. And in this case, but it is missing, not excess.

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