Marijuana plants must be well-guarded and harvested with care in order to produce a high quality product. Fortunately, with the right technique, it is not too difficult to grow a plant and get great results. If you have several plants, take your time during this process and performs each step in each of your plants individually before moving to the next. Probably, this will allow pruning extend for a period of several weeks, from pre-harvest to post-curing and divided into simple tasks which would otherwise be a tedious task.


Remove the leaves. As harvest time approaches, you’ll want to check the branches to remove all large leaves, fan shaped, they are dead and wilted. This process will allow the plant to concentrate all possible energy to produce a great product, instead of wasting keeping sheets that probably die anyway. A gentle shake, sometimes firm, is all you will require to remove most of the leaves.

Cut each branch from trunk. At the time of harvest, once you have all large leaves removed, leaving the plant in the ground if possible (if it’s a hydroponics plant, obviously you cannot do) and use a tool pruning to cut each branch in the place where it joins the main stem. Start with those that are closer to the ground and work up.

If your plant is particularly large, it may be necessary to use a pruning saw to cut down branches, which are often thicker.

Cut the sprouts of the main branches. Having collected the branches, use your pruning tool to cut from the base of the “lateral” branches of the largest major. If necessary, cut larger branches into smaller, more manageable parts.

Remove the remaining sheets. Now remove the remaining real leaves all branches. There is no right way to do it, as some might prefer to give a firm tug on the stem of each leaf and others may be inclined to cut them.

These leaves have very little content of THC and generally used for compost.

Hanging branches to heal. When you separate branches with buds and you have cut into individual parts, you have to heal them. Hanging branches in a cool, dry place so that all parts are exposed to air. Initially you want them to have good ventilation, either a fan or an air stream to help the branches to dry. As dry, gradually decreases ventilation and increases the humidity of the room, but never let this exceed 50 percent.

Do not expose the freshly harvested plants to direct sunlight, heat or moisture. The latter is particularly harmful because it could encourage mold growth and this could ruin your entire crop.

Remove the leaves from the buds. When marijuana is well cured, that is, when the branches themselves are dry, you can fold the leaves growing in the buds from the stem to remove them.

Remove and store the buds. Finally, the buds will be all that remains on the branches. Now you can remove the branches.


  1. Do not throw the small dry leaves that grew in the buds! They have a high content of THC and are useful for preparing oil marijuana, which can be used to produce baked goods.
  2. You can remove the leaves gradually over the last two weeks of the season, as the oldest wilting, do reduce the hours you have to devote to this task when harvest time comes.
  3. Considers that the buds dry first and then remove the smallest leaves is easier to cut when the plant is green.
  4. When you cut the branches, keep in mind the height of the space available will have to hang to heal and divides the very long branches in sections of a more manageable size.
  5. If you store the dried buds and trimmed in a glass jar or in a resalable plastic bag will be preserved for longer than if the guards in a bag without closure.
  6. The cure is very important! Irremediable impatient and dishonest sellers who want to inflate the weight of the merchandise, used to cut small leaves growing in the buds (step 6) near these before they dry completely scissors.
  7. Cut large flowers into smaller sections help the buds to dry more quickly and prevent spoilage.
  8. The final product should be clean and not having any sticks or leaves protruding bud, single crystals and colored hairs.
  9. Use fine-tipped scissors to make precise cuts in the buds.
  10. It will be much easier to start the bare stem next spring or cut at the base. Why not keep it to compare it with the size of the crop next season?


  • Make sure the place you choose to cure your marijuana have very good ventilation and not humid.
  • Marijuana tinctures based alcohol are not suitable for medical use, instead produces oil.