In states that have legalized the medical use of cannabis has not increased its consumption among young people

Cannabis use among adolescents in the 10 states that have approved the medical use of cannabis over the last decade has seen a significant decline, according to a new study funded and published by the Marijuana Policy Project. Its authors, Mitch Earleywine professor of psychology at the State University of New York and Karen O’Keefe legal analyst for the Marijuana Policy Project, reviewed his report to state and federal statistics.

Although it has been argued against the possible increase would generate use among young people in the debate over medical cannabis often report does not support this assumption. The study shows that the overall decline of cannabis use has occurred globally in the same proportion in all states, including those that allow medical use. The main conclusions of the study are: no state has passed laws in favor of cannabis has seen an overall increase in cannabis use by young people from such laws come into force. The decline seen in the use of cannabis by young people in states with medical cannabis laws is slightly larger than the proven nationwide.

In the United States, and compared to 1996, in 2003 he had decreased the number of students who claimed that in the last 30 days had consumed cannabis nearly 43 percent in eighth graders and 9 percent of twelfth degree . In California, which allowed the medical use of cannabis in 1996, use in the last month falls to less than half between ninth graders and fourth among the eleven. Other states with medical cannabis laws also saw several reductions in cannabis use by young people.

The report’s author’s note that, contrary to the frequently cited prejudices may among adolescents is growing consideration of cannabis as “a treatment for serious diseases, requiring a cautious and careful use, and is not a toy.” Tom Riley, spokesman for the federal Office of National drug Control Policy (ONDCP) said that the decline in drug use among young people throughout the country is attributable to the federal advertising campaign anti-drug in recent years and that all Americans “should feel pleased with the fact that the use of this drug among young people has fallen.”

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