Marijuana in cold weather

How to grow marijuana seeds germinated

Marijuana plants from seeds germinated in January and begin to grow immediately notice that the days are short and the nights long, so bloom as soon as its size is directed or permitted. As it is obvious winter marijuana plants do not bloom very large and sometimes with about 35 cm on average

How to grow marijuana cuttings

In the cultivation of marijuana cuttings, size and final height of the marijuana plant depends on the size that has the scion when we remove abroad. Therefore, if we want its size is larger, you have to grow them indoors and then move them outside. Usually to prevent the plants bloom when they are too small-as is large natural photoperiod duration by an artificial technique is used as artificial lights or spotlights. Thus, we will control the process of how to grow marijuana plants grow and bloom not until we decide. The temperature is decisive when plant as grow marijuana if we decide to do in winter time factor. Although plants survive over 0ΒΌ C, growing at a very slow pace. If the marijuana plants are planted in the ground, not easy to keep them warm; however if we in pots, we can fight much better the low temperatures. When growing marijuana as we can get it in different ways. The simplest is to raise the pots of soil placing them on a piece of wood as this will prevent the pot in question is too cool to be in contact with the solo. Toro important tip when it comes to how to grow marijuana, use pot holders black, since better absorb heat. The main advantage of growing marijuana in winter is that there are no insects and pests and control over plantations is less As is obvious the main drawback when growing marijuana in winter, are the temperature low and humidity, which can affect buds, taming keep in mind when you ask yourself, how to grow marijuana in winter, you should be aware that the harvest will be somewhat limited.

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