How marijuana is grown

The government of Uruguay began receiving offers from interested in planting marijuana in different parts of the country, as reported by The Observer in July Caldara, secretary of the National Drug Board (JND).

How to care for the plant?

Several experts reported to The Observer about the different methods of cultivation, the best times for planting, and some tips for the plant to grow strong and produce the desired effects.

For anyone who wants to have its own plant for their own consumption, it is essential to start planting in the right time. The best time to plant seeds is in August, since it is when temperatures start to rise. During the first months, during winter, the stems must be protected from the cold, since frost eventually kill the plant.

Each seed is a potential plant. The fundamental thing is to expose the plant to light as much as possible. In period of growth, experts recommend the plant to receive twelve hours of light and six of darkness. Once it reaches the time of maturity, you should receive 12 hours of light and twelve of darkness. The more sunlight received, more will grow.

Like any other plant, you can grow as much as the amount of land provides. Also, growth also depends on where it is planted: a gardener, a pot, or directly on the ground. The more space, the more likely the plant will grow.

The type of land is also an aspect to consider when planting. The experts who spoke to The Observer agreed that the land should be light. Some choose to put pebbles or foam pellets plats, so that air into the soil and stems can receive more nutrients.

It is preferable that lacks water, but never sorrel. Otherwise, the plant will die drowned. Ideally, watering every few days, when the earth is shown dry.

What is the flower smoke, i.e. the bud? The maturity achieved in May, when it acquires a reddish or brownish color. This is the time to cut the flower and let dry in a dark place.

The sun would dry too fast and fails the exact point for consumption. Once dried, they are removed the leaves and is ready to smoke.

Process indoors

Those who do not have bright spaces choose to sow the seeds indoors. In this case, the process is carried out artificially. For the plant to grow can be used energy-saving lights or sodium. The important thing is that they are lights that do not produce heat. The benefit is in planting can be done at any time of the year, provided there is a detailed analysis of the amount of light it receives, dark, control and receive the proper temperature. In these cases, the parameters are the same as if planted outdoors.


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