Manual to avoid (or resolve) a bad trip with cannabis

A bad trip to cannabis can happen to anyone. And while it is possible to control some factors that can make to give us a “yellow” is no more know how to act in case we fail to prevent it. Breathe, calm down and relaxed expected to pass this psychedelic crisis: these should be your top priority. But the solution is full of nuances.

If each person is different, the effects when using cannabis in their very different ways also contemplate a singular variety, even less pleasant if all the bad trip. Known by that name (‘bad trip’) or the even more popular ‘yellow’, ‘pale’ is a psychedelic crisis can make an appearance through a wide range of symptoms.

For some, the experience of a bad trip is a rookie mistake produced by as diverse as not drinking enough water or simply by the ineptitude of the first times factors. However, neither the more experienced cannabis consumers are free to give them a yellow because of the grass. In fact, it may be due to something entirely circumstantial, as the mood takes into time consuming, and be influenced by the people who join us, the music we listen or even the kind of light you have in the room in which we find ourselves.

Such is the variability of the experience of evil trip to the influence of the amount consumed it seems random: While some attribute the appearance of a ‘bad trip’ consumption of too large a dose, due to the high percentage of THC incorporating current cannabis varieties, there are also negative experience linking small doses. In the latter case, the consumed amount of cannabis would result in a relatively weak effect allowing some psychological resistance by the body to trip that has us prepared. Thus it is clear that even trying to control all these factors, it is something unpredictable that can surprise anyone.

It can also produce a bad trip, for example, by using marijuana contaminated with traces of pesticides or fertilizers, although studies have been done on the subject shed more questions than answers and do not explain in detail the risk of quantifiable way.

And finally we must bear in mind that the ingested cannabis has a much more intense and longer lasting effects than inhaled, so bad trips may occur between neophytes when eating food with marijuana. The explanation has science: when ingested cannabis instead of being smoked or vaporized, the liver breaks down THC in a new compound, named 11-hydroxy THC.

This metabolite is more potent than THC and crosses the blood-brain barrier more easily, producing more psychedelic effects in the brain. For these people who start, candies marijuana or light infusions could be a simple way to consume cannabis safely while they are still learning how it affects them your own body.

In terms of symptoms, there is a clinical diagnosis of this so-called “cannabis psychosis.” It is possible that these symptoms appear and grow in the same way as a snowball. Maybe around us there is someone who first see silent and retracted. These signs grow and grow and can lead to a crisis of anxiety accompanied by episodes in which fear and paranoia make an appearance.

Thus, the consumer who lives a bad trip may notice that loses control because it affects the notions of time and space: there are extreme cases in which it ceases to have self-awareness or body parts and even They may undergo slight hallucinations. This, mixed with related physical symptoms; without going any further, with anxiety, which could cause problems in breathing, or tachycardia.

However, you should not panic: having a negative experience is rare. While it is relatively common occurrence of a specific moment of anxiety or terse visual perceptions, only if these are prolonged or potentially serious they require a performance by the consumer or those accompanying you.

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